Marketing | Distribution

Our team of sales representatives move around towns and cities on the regularly basis to ensure efficiency in our supply chain.

Different bookshops receive different discounts from us based on their purchasing patterns over time and their status in the industry e.g. Exclusive Books and CNA command higher discounts than smaller bookshops and the discounts range roughly between 30% and 45%. Also, if you are not registered for VAT they will add VAT to their selling price as they must pay 15% of their sales to SARS. It is advisable to offer them a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) which already includes the VAT so that they do not inflate the price further unnecessarily.

  • We charge you a marketing and distribution fee of 20% of nett sales value invoiced out to bookshops
  • In exchange we handle marketing countrywide.
  • In addition we process all orders, returns, invoices, credit notes, statements on your behalf and dispatch orders countrywide daily from our distribution centre in Pretoria
  • Our fee covers packaging material and all courier charges
  • If we come to an agreement and agree on an initiation date we will send a notification and order form out to the trade to the effect that we are taking on distribution.
  • We pay you on 60 day terms (as we are paid by the bookshops) i.e. the first remittance to you would be 60 days after the first titles are invoiced out and thereafter every month
  • If the sales justify it we will consider funding future print runs to ensure enough books reach the market to satisfy the demand; if we do this our printing expenses will be recouped over time against future payments to you.